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Hong Kong Disneyland

October 23, 2016


You know you’re a kid at heart when an amusement park is always in your travel itinerary. And I guess that’s what I am. This has been a long overdue entry, as my year seemed to be quite filled up by wedding planning. Thankfully, I now have a husband (BIG WORD, I know!) whom I can ask (require…really) to do some editing for me. So I thought it would be nice to make a video on the hundreds of photos we took on our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Our visit was last May, and this is my second time to go there. The first was 5 years ago with my parents. This is also my second Disneyland park visited, the first being in LA in 2006. I will always be a Disney baby, and to be there was just a dream…and sooo much fun too! (Hint: Take a ride on the Slinky coaster at Toy Story Land)ย Can’t wait to check out the park again when the Star Wars ride comes on!

Hope you enjoy the video!












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