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Ocean Park HK

March 2, 2017


On my last day in Hong Kong (I had to come home a day earlier to attend a work event), Fonzi, Myx, Francis and I went to Ocean Park to enjoy a looong and hot day mostly eating and riding the extremes. It was such a hot day, my face got sun burnt so bad. No worries though, as theme parks will always be #1 for me when traveling. It was a great time, as per usual!


PS. This was taken in May of 2016 (SORRYYY!)

PPS. All photos and videos taken with my phone. Apologies for the portrait shots! Note to self: LANDSCAPE!

Hong Kong Disneyland

October 23, 2016


You know you’re a kid at heart when an amusement park is always in your travel itinerary. And I guess that’s what I am. This has been a long overdue entry, as my year seemed to be quite filled up by wedding planning. Thankfully, I now have a husband (BIG WORD, I know!) whom I can ask (require…really) to do some editing for me. So I thought it would be nice to make a video on the hundreds of photos we took on our trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

Our visit was last May, and this is my second time to go there. The first was 5 years ago with my parents. This is also my second Disneyland park visited, the first being in LA in 2006. I will always be a Disney baby, and to be there was just a dream…and sooo much fun too! (Hint: Take a ride on the Slinky coaster at Toy Story Land) Can’t wait to check out the park again when the Star Wars ride comes on!

Hope you enjoy the video!












Just a Little Song

October 14, 2016

My walk down the aisle became a little more emotional thanks to my brother’s original song. So I’d like to say thank you to him for lending me his composition. It wasn’t supposed to be the song he wrote for the wedding, but it turned out to be perfect. Thank you, Kyle. Ate loves you!

Play the song here:

Thank you, for our beautiful wedding!

October 12, 2016


It’s been almost a week since Fonzi and I officially became Mr. and Mrs. There are absolutely no words to describe the happiness and gratitude we have for all who have made our day the best one thus far. Things may have not gone exactly the way we had planned (due to the weather, an Amphitheater ceremony was quite impossible), what transpired was even better – an intimate celebration of love, together with our closest friends and family.

For now, allow us to thank the people responsible for creating such a beautiful day for us, truly one we will never forget!


To HM Events, Ate Hope and team, you were simply amazing. From day 1 until the wedding day, you have helped us plan and execute the wedding so seamlessly. My OC-heart was so fulfilled with the organized and professional handling of our event. Even when we had to proceed with Plan B, your team was on-point. I don’t know what we would have done without you, really.


To Something Splendid, Kaye and Novie, your styling and floral arrangements were definitely a sight to behold! I know it was a lot of stress on your part as well the moment the weather had become erratic, but what more can I say? Eden is already picturesque on its own, but with your decors and styling, it became a dream. You executed our vision so well, it was absolutely trés chic! Blogging in detail as soon as I get more photos.


To Cupcake Couture, Ms. MM, your cake was so gorgeous and yummy too! We are still enjoying it until now. We shall be recommending your services to all our pals in the future, no doubt about it.


To The Lucky Cat Press, our invitations were perfect. Such an easy team to work with, very independent with barely any supervision from us, and most importantly the designs were just how we imagined them to be. In fact, we had loved the Save The Date so much, we adopted the design for all our wedding collaterals. Thank you guys!


To John Belandres of Atelier 115, for our bridal gown and suit. Sir John, your creations were stunning. Your attention to details is quite impressive, and most importantly you were very easy to talk to. You made us look every bit of the dashing groom and blooming bride on our day, and it was lovely.


To Ninang Connie of Postura de Andrea, thank you for our groomsmen’s pants, Charlie’s suit, and my bridal robe. The boys looked so dapper in them, Charlie was the cutest, while I had the best time prancing around in my robe.


To the Tiny Pinili, Hairzone and Flor Lozada MUA teams, thank you for making my girls, moms and lolas so beautiful! As a makeup enthusiast myself, seeing them all dolled up makes my heart so ‘kilig’. Thank you also to my friend Sopfia for this!

To Click Avenue, for our Photobooth. Thanks for setting up the background we liked, helping us with our scrapbook, for the seamless transaction and for the remembrance our guests got to take home. Your service was highly enjoyed by our guests!

Fonzi and Kia Onsite AVP from Bluesmarquez Photography on Vimeo.

To Kuya Blues (Bluesmarquez Photography), and Team BMP, your work is awesome! We have shared, saved and watched the onsite photo slides for days now. Your photos are so alive, and dynamic, it feels like we are taken back to Eden just by looking at them again. I’m pretty sure our supply of profile pictures will last us for a few more years (HAHA!), but kidding aside, great job and thank you for giving your best to cover our wedding!

Kia & Fonzi SDE from Allan Alejandrino on Vimeo.

To Team MVP Digital Video, we have also countlessly replayed your onsite SDE. And every time we watch it, we feel a different sensation – sometimes we want to cry as we remember the emotions of the day, but mostly we are joyful. We cannot wait for the wedding highlights video, that is for sure. Thank you for being professional, friendly, and again for making us ‘artistas’ for a day. It was a lot of fun working with you guys!

To our friends from Musikademy and The Himig Singers, as always, we are inspired by your music and passion. Thank you for giving us your time and sharing with us and our guests your talent. It was a pleasure singing with you guys. Our wedding OST is perfect, thanks to you!

To our friends Andi and Francis for hosting our wedding. The program went so well, thanks to your skills and help! So glad to have radio personalities as friends! To Choy for the help on the catering. To our pastors Ptr. Bong and Ptr. Jobet, thank you, thank you! We will always remember your messages.


Thank you also to our other wedding suppliers, Manong Poldo of Poldo’s Goldsmith for our wedding bands, Moonhouse for our wedding ring box, Wallmount Advertiser for our cake table acrylic, Dr. Danna Reyes for our chair rentals and Invex for our lights and sound system. Mamus, thank you for letting us use your wedding arrhae from your wedding so many years ago. To Sir Ryan of Soundtrack Studio for our giveaway recordings, very professionally crafted.

We would like to thank our principal and secondary sponsors, our bridesmaids, groomsmen, bearers, flower girl, Maid of Honor and Best Man, thank you for being part of wedding entourage. Thank you for the support and guidance, and most of all your presence. Without you, our wedding would not be the same.


To our parents, thank you for allowing us to get married, for all your support and help. Thank you for giving us the wedding of our dreams. We love you!

-Fonzi and Kia

*Photos from Bluesmarquez Photography, Click Avenue, Arcrei Seven*

I Wish

July 27, 2016

With eyes closed, and hands clasped, I wish upon a bright new star. This star, which you have already met in my last post, is named

With over 300 merchants, this awesome online shopping platform is home to this year’s 30th birthday wish list items. As you know, the list is something I make yearly, and to discover this site is just a joy. It makes achieving my list more possible. By simply shopping I get to instantly enjoy rebates or cashbacks from my purchases, straight to my PayPal or bank account. How is this possible? The commissions ShopBack earns from their merchants are shared to all buyers when they shop.

I’ve been logging in and out of the site for days now, and have since pinpointed my drool items for the year. Here goes:



Fujifilm X-A2 and Instax printer are definite list toppers. I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos using the camera, and what better way to keep the photos other than printing them right? Found both of these on Lazada where there’s at most 4.0% cashback.


I saw the new Nike Presto on Zalora, and suddenly remembered high school when I had 2 pairs of these. I can just imagine, the white ones would be the bomb! With up to 12% cashback, why not?

And of course, what’s a Kia wish list without makeup items in it? Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow palette + Ikea Tobias Glass Chair + Ikea Alex 5-drawer = perfection. These and more from Sephora, with up to 10% cashback, and Lazada.

Ahh, I do hope these wishes come true.



*all photos not mine*

Shop ‘Til We Drop

July 19, 2016

Who else is addicted to online shopping? I know a lot of us, girls especially, just can’t stop ourselves from browsing hundreds of stores online. A few clicks here and there and before we know it, we’ve already added items to our cart and proceeded to check out! Shopping is one of the best stress relievers, but sometimes it is also the cause of guilt. *ahem buyer’s remorse!* Just recently though, I discovered an online shopping platform that will come in handy for online shoppers looking to save money. And in so many ways, the site is a win!

How, you ask? helps shoppers get the best deals and discounts from 300+ stores, and offers Cashback on top of this. The Cashback concept is literally “getting cash back” when we shop. It works by giving us back a portion of our purchase as Cashback which we can cash out through PayPal or our bank account. Wow, that’s a lot of cash backs right there! At first I didn’t really grasp the concept, but after watching this video, things became clearer.

This just means, guilt-less shopping can officially commence!

I’m particularly interested to buy my mom some items from some stores featured on the site. After a few hours of browsing through the stores, I zoomed in on three picks for her. First, a 24K Gold Wrapping Mask which was an Editor’s Pick at Althea, which gives 5% cashback. This sells for Php 800.


Second, a gold bracelet worth roughly about Php 495 I found on ASOS that she can wear as an accessory to her outfit for my wedding. This also has a 5% cashback.


Last, a Longchamp Le Pliage medium long handle bag in her favorite color, from CashCashPinoy selling for Php 1,499 with 2% cashback.




Let’s compute my potential savings, shall we? Php 40 for the mask, Php 24.75 for the bracelet and Php 29.98 for the bag. That’s a total of Php 94.73 savings for this purchase alone. I think it’s a good enough deal, don’t you?

Aside from shopping, the site also has some promos, and this one really caught my eye: a blogging contest with a chance to win up to Php 10,000! I think you now know what my next entry will be about.


Excuse me while I write down my wish list stat!



*all photos not mine

Hong Kong Randoms

July 10, 2016


After almost a year of planning, bookings and reservations, we finally found ourselves in Hong Kong — double-dating our way through the MTRs and streets of one of Asia’s most-visited places. This was not like any other trip though. To start off, we had the most terrible delayed flight coming from Davao, arriving just in the nick of time for our connecting flight to Hong Kong. If that wasn’t enough, we got lost trying to find our hotel in Austin in the middle of the night. Check-in was not until three in the afternoon so we had to fight sleepy spells all morning as we headed to Victoria Peak without sleep and baths (haha). Nonetheless, the trip was still fun and such a refreshing break from all the election drama we had going on back home at the time. Here are just some snippets from the day tours we organized by ourselves. More on the trip soon!